Mini Prints are the perfect addition to your home, office, kids room or photo styling.  


Each pack comes with 8 mini prints and one wooden reusable print stand.  Perfect for adding little positive affirmations into your life.  Each card is A6 size printed on a beautiful silky finish card.


2 different pack options available including one specially put together for the kids, and one for any ages.


8-print pack + stand $25




PS: raw wood has grain and texture -  no two hangers will be exactly the same and that's why we love it.


If you would love any of our other prints redesigned into a mini print or flag then just drop us a message via the Contact page.


All mini prints & flags will be shipped unattached to the hangers to ensure the print travels safely, however they are super easy to attach once they reach their destination.  


Flags are a fun and stylish way to fill a spot on your walls.


Each flag comes with a single use top hanger made from (rectangular profile 30mm x 10mm) FSC raw clear natural pine.


The flag is printed on beautiful 300gsm silky finish card and measures 297mm x 205mm.


The hanger is assembled and ready to go, all you need to do is peel the tape and stick the art to the back of the hanger.  These hangers are designed for single-use purposes only.


Full hanger details are available here.


All flags are shipped unattached to the hanger.

Flags are $25